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What Patients are Saying . . .

I was experiencing a number of conditions associated with both a car accident and with pre-menopausal symptoms.  I am experiencing 100 % improvement with my symptoms and am so pleased, I can now face menopause with confidence!
I was very discouraged with my thyriod.  I was on Synthroid and still not feeling good.  My TSH levels were still high and going up and down.  But now,  I feel wonderful.  I'm off the Synthroid, my  levels are right on and most importantly - I FEEL GREAT!  I now have the energy to exercise and am finally losing the weight I gained.  I am even doing the half marathon.  Thanks Dr. Robb & Colleen!!
 I was experiencing lowback pain and numbness.  I couldn't do things around the house like I used to.  After I had my first adjustment I felt so much better I was even able to play a round of golf.  Thank You Dr. Anderson.
After my car accident I was in pain and having constant headaches.  I received massage along with my chiropractic appointments and improved quickly.  I now get a massage every month along with treatment and feel great for another 30 days.  Thanks Dr. Robb and Denise.
Because I work in book keeping and auditing I was experiencing numbness in my hands from all the computer work.  I had done other things for the carpal tunnel syndrome without improvement.  I now am pain free and am able to  do all the typing I want, thanks to Dr. Robb.
My sciatic pain was killing me.  It took over my life.  After starting treatment here I continue to feel better with each visit.  I am able to live life like I used to .
I would get headaches every month that would last for days.  After seeing Dr. Anderson for the Nutrition Response Testing  I now understand why I did get them and what I need to do to not get them anymore.  I haven't had a headache in months and I feel great.  Thanks Dr. Anderson.
I had  terrible leg pain and I went to a doctor who said it would take 9 months and cost over $3,000.00.   I  couldn't  afford  that.  I came to see Dr. Anderson and after my first 6 treatments here I ma almost 90% improved.  I feel great!
Since seeing Dr. Anderson, I  have noticed a positive change in my stomach problems, Including less gas.  I feel better and am no longer on my acid reflux medication
I used to be on Lipitor and was  beginning to lose control of my muscles.  I was weak and fatigued.  I began to see Dr. Anderson and went on a nutritional  protocol to lower my cholesterol naturally.  I am off Lipitor and my cholesterol is down even better than when I was on the drug.  Thanks Dr. Robb.

I used to have aches and pains throughout my body.  Afteer doing the Nutrition Response testiong I am now on the right nutritional concentrates designed just for me.  I have noticed great changes in my body.  My stomach doesn't hurt a bit, I have less pain throughout my body and my hair and nails grow fast and strong.

I have been able to watch my diet more carefully, eat better and healthier, and have become aware of "bad foods".  I have lost 12 pounds since I started here, and my indigestion is much improved.

I used to have no energy.  I would want to fall asleep in the afternoon just so I could continue the day.  I now have more evergy and  can go through the days without stopping to rest.  I have enjoyed life again.

I could hardly walk because my knees would hurt so much, but when I began getting the proper care I needed, like adjusting my knees, I found that I could walk without pain.  I can't tell you how much I have appreciated Dr. Robb.  Whatever goes wrong he is able to make right.